Day after Paris What's next, Europe ???

„The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun,
is a good guy with a gun.”


Just over a year ago the entire world discussed the terrorist attack in Nairobi. Amongst many voices one of reason appeared – the voice of Ronald Noble – secretary general of Interpol. He stated that one should expect further attacks targeting so called „soft targets“; places where terrorists know that no resistance can be reasonably expected. Therefore Ronald Noble suggested that states should think over the issue of arming their citizens. Well, it has long been a known fact, that massacres happen mainly in areas where firearms are heavily restricted, so called „gun free zones“. Unfortunately the EU took no notice of his opinion. Perhaps Eurocrats were too busy with proposals made by commissioner Malstrom, which would appear  to give the terrorists and criminals of the world peace of mind in planning their future actions in the future.

Weiterlesen …