EU gun ban: British hopes, Polish lies, French betrayal

EU-gun-ban-draft04/04/2016 The debate on the planned EU gun ban goes on at the European Parliament, Commission and Council: let’s see what’s new



The British Member of the European Parliament − Vicky Ford, President of IMCO − published her draft report on the EU gun ban proposal: It’s thus all but perfect, but nonetheless it is a better starting point than we could ever expect.



The Polish Commissioner Mrs. Bieńkowska rehearsed the well known lies in terms of gun crime, murders and thefts to support the EU gun ban proposal; she also mentioned associations such as FESAC (whose name she can’t write right!) FACE and FIREARMS UNITED among the stakeholders involved in the study that back the EU gun ban plans: Of course she avoided to mention that the opinions of those stakeholders were sistematically ignored.



The French Government is an outright supporter of the planned ban. Now it was backed up by the Comité Guillaume Tell, which betrayed the shooters‘ community and its own name, siding with those who would rather see the peoples of Europe disarmed.


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EU gun ban: British hopes, Polish lies, French betrayal 

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